Paladin Custom was founded by Matt March in Sydney, Australia in 2013.

Matt was many things in life; a soldier, father, keen hunter, spear fisherman, surfer and troubadour amongst many others.

The ocean and the field were his mistresses and he loved them both. He lived and breathed the outdoor lifestyle as he hunted and fished to feed his family. He was always full of stories and grand visions. 

The idea for the AMR was conceived during Matt's time in the Army to carry and quickly deploy a rocket launcher on his pack. During his hunting pursuits, this initial idea went through many prototype iterations and years of R&D before being refined into the current Apex Modular Rig Light. 

After Matt's passing 2018, we moved our manufacturing and operations to the United States. We honor Matt's memory by continuing the tradition of uncompromising innovation, quality and excellence. He lives and breathes in the products that we create.

We have built a state of the art R&D and manufacturing facility in the outdoor sports hub of Bend, Oregon. We test our designs in the mountains, lakes and rivers of our home Cascade mountain range. 

We proudly design, cut and sew 100% in house using domestically sourced materials. We stand behind our products with a complete satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty on our products. 

We will continue to focus on innovation and manufacturing technology to deliver exceptional products to the end user.