AMR Premium - Coyote Brown

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The Ultimate Ultralight Hunting Pack. 

Whether it's your favorite rifle, shotgun or compound bow, nothing carries your weapon as comfortably as the AMR. 

Our patent pending Reflex Quick Release system holds the weapon firmly in place totally bounce-free for unimpaired movement. When you want your weapon, simply pull the weapon release tab.  

The AMR is designed to be a standalone system for day hunts. For multi-day hunts, we recommend you pack in your back panel in your backpack and wear the chest panel with the provided X-Harness. 

This Premium Kit includes every element of the AMR system. Includes chest panel with magnetic binocular harness, dedicated GPS pouch, small and large general purpose pouches. Back panel contains hydration pouch and the Reflex Quick Release system for your weapon. Includes X-Harness for packing in with a backpack. Two side accessory flask pouches for the chest rig included. Waist belt with removable rear pouch for zero interference with weapon when running the rear panel.


Chest Rig x 1 

Back Panel with Reflex Quick Release x 1

X-Harness x 1

Flask Pouches x 2 

Waist Belt with Removable Back Pouch x 1