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World’s Best Concealed Carry  Fanny Pack: Outback XL Ultralight

🪶 Ultralight: Only 10 Ounces!

🔫 Dedicated Pistol Pocket with Velcro

💡 Smart organization

🚀 X-PAC UX10 Ultralight Waterproof: Dyneema Killer

⭐️ 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

🇺🇸 100% Made in Bend, Oregon USA with 100% American Materials

📐 Dimensions: 11” wide x 7” tall x 3.5 deep 

***Even though the material is semi-transparent, you cannot see through into the gun pocket because of it's blocked by foam, zippers and binding. Only the front pocket contents are visible.***